September 2, 2012

The Story of the Ahmeds in America (Part III - final)

While Jalal grasped well the Systemic rottenness and the Western-Self-as-the-Only-Way-to-Be arrogance which had resulted in the abduction of his children, he also had other explanations regarding his tragic situation.
Megan: “You will not believe what Jalal thinks. He thinks that one of their acquaintances has done some magic on them, which is why their kids were taken away. That it is the work of some evil spirits!”
The Evil Spirits of the Modern State, I thought.
Jalal later explained to me how an acquaintance had brought halwa - a Pakistani dessert - to their house, how she had a lot of negative energy around her, and how after eating the dessert, his body had immediately felt sick and abnormal. Soon after, Chotu had the accident and the kids were abducted by the State. While they would do all that is needed to get their children back, the couple told the lawyers, only Allah’s Will can help them in this mad-strange situation. Healers had been contacted in Pakistan to send amulets, and to undo the spell that had been cast. Husna’s family in Pakistan had been sending food to people and places - Sufi shrines and Shia households - because serving other communities helps to multiply one’s blessings. Husna mentioned that she even fed a Mormon missionary who used to come to her house, and whom she had never really lift-ofied before.