what is jungli pudina?

jungli pudina is the urdu term for "wild mint".

why jungli pudina?

because it revived me when I couldn’t breathe. because its fragrance and flavor is magical. because the name makes my friends laugh. because jungli is a meaningful way of life, and modern society is far more laughable. and have you seen how happily and rapidly it grows - without asking much? its small and ordinary, yet resilient and revolutionary. because flowers get enough attention already. 

email: junglipudina @ gmail.com


  1. "its small and ordinary, yet resilient and revolutionary. because flowers get enough attention already"

    Well said Nosheen!

  2. you have done such a good job of explaining it that i feel like naming my next kid that!

  3. @taimur_org's tweet got me landed here. And I think I've just discovered something with magical curing potentials. :)
    Simply in LOVE with the fragrance of mint, am glad now we have some in virtual world too! :)

    Already shuffling through the shares posted. Wonderful. I am glad to share some bit of that dose of re-imagination that your class is enjoying, cant thank enough! :)

    Happy writing, and please keep contributing. We NEED such minds!
    All the very best!

  4. i want a cup of tea!